Minute Til Midnight – A single review

Regal Cover

This will be a short post as it’s only going to be about a single that was released about a month ago via soundcloud. Jep Roadie has been a New England area resident for most his life, and describes his music as being vibe music more than anything else He says he’s not a big fan of the normal genre classifications, but if pressed he’d describe it as being more hip hop and rhythm and blues.

Minute til Midnight is the first track off an upcoming larger project called Regal. It starts off with a dissonant electronic humming song that easily flows into a beautiful mix of melody and rhythm with deep, loud vocals and far off distant vocals slowly leading into the main vocals. Everything flows together gracefully and creates a beautiful midnight of a variety of speeds and volumes. Towards the end the track a piano melody was able to clearly heard, causing the track to end on a very open and beautiful note. I’m very interested to see where the artist is going to go, because I quite enjoyed the track.

All in all, there’s a lot to look forward to from Jep Roadie in my opinion. More information can be found on the artist’s website. The image used in this post was provided to us by the artist. All rights to the content involved belong to their respective owners.

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