New TLC Album funded by Kickstarter

Remaining members Chilli and T-Boz. Photo Cred: Getty Images for VH1You read that right, folks. After nearly a decade since their last album, TLC has announced that they’re releasing a new album. The crazy, sexy, cool thing about their new album? It’s funded entirely by its fans through Kickstarter.

The band has a great history behind them – over 65 million records sold worldwide, 5 Grammy Awards, 9 Hot 100 Top 10 hits. The girl group trio is composed of Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas. Although band member Lisa Lopes passed away in 2002, the remaining members are committed to getting back to the booth to record one last TLC album.

The pledges started at $5, but higher pledge amounts could get fans things like a custom TLC voicemail, signed vinyl, VIP Tickets, or even clothing from their videos. The album will be entirely funded through Kickstarter and will drop at the end of 2015, and it’s said to be their final record.

Some might call it a risky move to fund an entire album through Kickstarter, but TLC is known for their committed relationship with fans. In their record FanMail, the names of hundreds of fans who’d submitted fan letters to the group over the years were included inside the liner notes. And Kickstarter has been great for other artists, like Amanda Palmer and Zach Braff.

If you’re interested in funding the new album, you can go to their Kickstarter page here.

Photo Cred: Getty Images for VH1

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