Ellen Show Features Japanese Musician Miyavi

21SNAPSHOT-blog427Miyavi is nothing short but a rock star. He started his music career in 1999 at 19 years old, performing with band Dué Le Quartz until their break up in 2002, when he decided to launch a solo career of his own.

Today, he was on the Ellen Show, talking about his new role in Unbroken – a World War II drama directed by Angelina Jolie. In Unbroken, Miyavi plays a ruthless supervisor in a Japanese interment camp. Ellen said that she hated his character in the movie; a good thing, when you consider who his character is. He talked about the transition from rock star to elite actor, and how Jolie found him for the role. Miyavi also performed one of his songs called “Let It Go” which you can watch on EllenTube.

Photo Cred – Henny Garfunkel for The New York Times

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