Top Ten Maroon 5 Songs

Maroon 5 is a pretty steady band in terms of popularity. They’ve been around a while and continue to release music that’s played pretty often. That being said, I do enjoy just hitting play on their catalog and having a day filled with little else, so it’s not that much of a surprise that i’d do a playlist about the songs that jump out the most to me when I’m listening.

  • Feelings – The first time I heard this song, it had my attention in a matter of seconds. It’s up beat pace really provides a mood boost for me and its definitely a song i beeline for when i’m feeling nit-picky about what I’m actually going to listen to.
  • Payphone – This song was a strong overall favorite of mine for a long time. As it is, it still holds a lot of significance to me but not near the levels it used to. I guess that means it served its purpose for the period that I’d listen to it almost constantly.
  • Fortune Teller – The future is a very frightening thing to face in general, or even directly. That’s why this song stays with me most of the time, because there’s still so much for me to do and it’s a little overbearing sometimes. And with my tendency to think extremes will work best for me…
  • Out of Goodbyes – This happens to be a song that features one of my favorite country artists, so it’s little surprise that I’m fond of it. It’s slow and sweet, and it really helps get my creative juices flowing when I’m having an off day.
  • Stutter – This is just a song I really enjoy listening to. It’s energetic and upbeat, and really gets me grooving to the music, and I’m not too much of a dancer usually.
  • No Curtain Call – This song means a good deal to me because they’re a lot of crap that I need to deal with and sometimes it feels like I’m very disconnected from everyone and just putting on an act until I can better manage some of my oddities. but at the same time i know that I’m not actually alone in trying to better myself. This song tends to speak to me when I’m on the verge of that mentality.
  • Won’t Go Home Without You – This song is another that’s often on my writing playlists because it really helps me get into the mentality of several different characters.
  • Makes Me Wonder – Another song that helps me pick up some energy as well as belonging mainly to writing playlists. It’s used a little more for tense situations from characters that were close for a period before having a falling out.
  • Harder To Breath – This is a song I often use to get myself into a mood where I’m ready to fight for what I want, especially when I’m feeling bogged down by everything that I want to do with my life. It also tends to make it’s way onto writing playlists as a sort of revenge themed song.
  • Must Get Out – I tend to get bored relatively easily so this song tends to have a really transparent meaning that often correlates to how much i want to get out and experience the world first hand.

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