“Fragile Dates and Times” by Safety Hazard, New Album Review

Fragile Dates & TimesWaybridge Records sent us a preview of the brand new album from San Francisco band Safety Hazards, called Fragile Dates and Times – which drops on the 17th of January. The band has been described as an aggressive pop-punk band – but really, they draw in their inspirations from so many more genres,so you can’t give them an exact label. Which is just how we like our music.

The the album starts off with the song “2am,” which is a short but attention-grabbing song that combines a guitar driven sound with decent vocals. “2am” is slower paced and acts as a sort of introduction to the next song, “Because We Could.” Like with any pop-punk band, the guitars are a driving force behind moving the song forward, and it might seem like they’re screaming the lyrics rather than singing at times. But their technique doesn’t hinder or stop the songs from reaching their full potential. In fact, one could say it’s part of what makes the songs great.

My only real complaint is that it was very hard to understand some of the lyrics at times due to the screaming; it took several listen throughs of “Coral” to realize what they were saying at parts. But yet on “In My Head” and “Broken Streets,” the vocals were one of my favorite parts. It’s something that can go either way, depending on what floats your boat.

Instrumentally, this band is great and I was very impressed with every note I heard. Overall, they’re very, very promising and have lots of potential. While there’s only a few songs on here that would make their way onto repeat on my iPod, this is a great record from a very promising band. I’m excited to see how they continue to grow and develop. 8/10

And if you want to get your hands on this album, go to Waybridge Records to find out when and how, and also find them on Facebook too.

Album art image provided by bandcamp and Waybridge Records.

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