Something’s Gotta Give: The New All Time Low Song Review

So I get to write a bit more about All Time Low to accompany the playlist from last week thanks to the very exciting release of the first track from their upcoming new album, Future Hearts! So far 2015 looks like it’s going t be an exciting year for music, and I can not wait to review it all! first though, let’s see what sort of promise this new All Time Low track has for what’s in store.

The song starts out at a pretty decent speed, counter acting the slightly darker opening lyrics, staying at pretty much the same level before the chorus hits. The chorus explodes the song into a louder state and a call to action is made. The song falls down to the same opening speed and volume for a verse before crashing back into the second chorus. This time though, some of the energy of the chorus is kept and the overall tone of the chorus is expanded, taking the song through the ending with the sheer force of what to me reads as an attempt to get out of a rut.

All in all? Something’s Gotta Give sets the stage for what will undoubtedly be an excellent addition to the All Time Low discography. Currently, it looks like Future Hearts is set to release on April 7 and I am definitely looking forward to being able to listen to it.

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