Top 10 All Time Low Songs

A new year, a new playlist to start things off with albeit a little late in the year. We’ll be sticking to this top ten theme for various artists for a good while. Everything’s shifting with the new year, so I hope you don’t mind me kicking off the year with a band that never fails to get me pumped up.

  • The Reckless and The Brave – This song makes the list because it really helps me get pumped on the days where i start to feel a little overwhelmed. Which is a lot more often now than it used to be it seems. I find it inspiring in a way and it helps me to find the energy that I can sometimes lose.
  • A Love Like War – Another really energetic song that helps me to get out of the ruts that I can work myself into. It fills me with a sort of fire that helps me to push on and get out of the rut, whether it’s a socially made one or a work related one.
  • Outlines – A lot of my planned paths to self help involve dropping myself in a large city where I have no connections and don’t know anyone at all. In the events that i start to feel anxious about ideas like this, I tend to play this song and it really helps calm down any of the worries that could attach themselves to my thoughts.
  • Guts – As stated about the previous track, I tend to plan for a lot of drastic measures to improve bits of myself. This is another track that helps me over the hurdles that I’ve had to get over in order to get there in the first place.
  • Weightless – Another song that just helps me get pumped up and out of any ruts I run into, this track shows up most often when I really need to be motivated. it also touches on a lot of what I think will help me feel the best in the long run.
  • Walls – This song really helps when I start to feel bad about how very poor I am at being social. It’s not 100% accurate to me of course, but the chorus hits home because a lot of why i’m as bad as I am socially is my fault and i need to fix that first and foremost.
  • Six Feet Under The Stars – This is a song that I often play when I just want to relax and focus on projects that I really need to get done. I find it an incredibly soothing song that keeps my energy at a high enough level that I can just coast through whatever I have left on my agenda for the day in question.
  • Dear Maria, Count Me In – Another song that I use primarily to build my energy, this track usually helps me get back a minor amount of my fight when I’m having a sluggish and slow day.
  • Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night) – I can be very optimistic at times. Occasionally this song is needed to help keep my head in a place between that optimistic plane and the reality that I need to mix it with.
  • Break Out! Break Out! – The last song on this playlist, this track helps me to get my energy back in stride and helps motivate me towards the larger, more extreme long term goals that I have. It seems an excellent song to end the playlist on to boot.

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