“Irresistible” by Fall Out Boy, Single Review

Ever since their first smash hit “Centuries” off of their upcoming album American Beauty/American Psycho, Fall Out Boy hasn’t really stopped releasing songs. “Immortals,” “The Kids Aren’t Alright,” and the title track all in the last few months – and now they’ve just released their latest song called “Irresistible.”

The song draws you in easily enough with the sound of trumpets, quickly followed by a heavy kick-drum and fast-paced lyrics. As always with Patrick Stump, the vocals are just to die for. And the lyrics are tongue twisters that keep your mind racing. However, compared to “American Beauty/American Psycho,” this is considerably more toned down in melody and pace. It’s actually closer to the sound and feel of “Centuries,” except with less… theatrics.

That doesn’t stop the song from being addictive though. Within seconds I was nodding my head along. By the third or fourth listen though, I was singing along to the chorus. Fall Out Boy has never had many problems drawing an audience in, and this song doesn’t disappoint.

The only thing is that will keep this album from topping the charts is the lyrics. At least to these ears, they’re not quite relatable or inspiring enough for the mass public to catch on. And it’s not really a dance hit either, so that knocks it down a few pegs from the top 40. But, this song is an incredible song nonetheless, and I give it 10/10 anyway.

I will say that the interesting mix of songs so far has me really excited to see what the album will be like.

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