Front Porch Step Accused of Sexual Harassment

image credit goes to Alternative Press.
image credit goes to Alternative Press.

In the month of December, Front Porch Step (also known as singer/songwriter Jake McElfresh) was accused of sexual harassment by many young girls – many of whom are or were underage at the time.

While some of the accusers have chosen to remain anonymous, the most recent accuser posted a story to her Tumblr account, and included pictures. In the lengthy post, she goes into how McElfresh tried to get her to have phone sex with him – even though she was underage.

Other accusers have posted their stories onto their Tumblr accounts as well.

The accusations that have been made against FPS so far include similar stories to the one posted on Tumblr: sexually explicit text messages and naked photographs sent to (and received from) underage girls.

In light of the recent allegations, a petition was created, asking Vans Warped Tour to take Front Porch Step from the bill this summer. The petition says that Front Porch Step should not be allowed at Vans Warped Tour, where he would have access to young girls who attend the Warped Tour. It directly asks the founder of Vans Warped Tour, Kevin Lyman, to take Front Porch Step off the tour “before something more than sending text happens.”

As of January 3rd, the petition has collected more than 11,000 signatures, but Warped Tour hasn’t made any official decision yet.

Multiple bands have come out with statements about the accusations against FPS. The band Have Mercy, who were going to support FPS on his tour, released this statement:

“We, Have Mercy, in no way condone the alleged actions that have come to light over the past week, and hope that message above is clear to our fans. Safety in music, and life, should never be risked for selfish decisions. We were incredibly excited at the opportunity to hit the road this spring, and that is still our top priority.”

Singer/songwriter Allison Weiss also announced on Facebook that she won’t be touring the U.K. with FPS.

Front Porch Step has also released this official statement in regards to the allegations:

“I am aware of the serious allegations and sensational things being posted on the internet about me and my personal life. While this is personally difficult to experience, I’m taking the appropriate, meaningful, and objective steps to address the severity of these things and the horrendous words being used. I would truly hope that others who have or will propagate these serious allegations will do the same.”

He has also suspended his 2015 touring plans in order to deal with the allegations.

With these serious accusations brought upon him by underage girls, with photos and saved messages for proof, fans and supporting bands aren’t the only ones to respond. In a more serious step, Front Porch Step has been removed from the roster on their record label’s – Pure Noise – website.

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