“Here’s to the Zeroes” by Marianas Trench Review

i’ll admit it, I’m pretty sure this is the first song by the group I’ve knowingly listened to. I mean I’ve heard of them, but only in a passing sort of way. But i decided to jump past that and review a recent single by them for today’s post as a way of mixing up reviews so I don’t just obsessively cover my current faves, and maybe find some new ones.

The song starts out with a melodic guitar that fades easily in the stark vocals. the vocals easily carry the song, drawing you in before building up into a semi energetic chorus. The song maintains a great beat throughout, blending the different parts together with an attitude of minor trouble making and a sort of sarcastic yet unbridled optimism.

All in all, it was an incredibly catchy song that I really enjoyed. I’ll probably be delving deeper into the catalog of the band because of it.

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