“One Black Sheep” by Mat Kearney, Song Review

Cover of Mat Kearney's upcoming album.
Cover of Mat Kearney’s upcoming album.

Mat’s had several great singles so far. “Hey Mama” always holds a special place in my heart. And when you go see him live? He’s the whole package and he never fails to get the crowd going. So when I saw that he had recently released a new song, I was kind of excited!

The message behind “One Black Sheep” is one that a lot of people can relate to. The sounds of it are a bit lower-key and energy from his hit singles, so much so that I can’t be certain how well that it’s going to do on the Pop Charts. The slower, simpler melody and acoustic feel that the song has makes it wrap together very nicely. I found myself slowly melting into the song as I listened to the lyrics about Mat never fitting in where he went – it was very pleasant, and I’m sure that if I had the lyrics memorized, I’d sing along with it the next time I hear it on the radio.

As always, I’m impressed with the deep simple tones that Mat carries throughout the song, as well as the lyrics and melody. It blends together quite nicely. But even with that being said, it might be a bit too simple if you’re expecting a more up-beat dance song like “Hey Mama.” But with time and enough radio play, any song can do well. While this song might not be an immediate favorite, it was a very nice listen to all the same.

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