Artist Feature: The Curse Within

The Curse Within logo
The Curse Within logo

Wednesday marks another new artist feature here on Music Unlabeled. This week, we’re focusing on The Curse Within, an emerging metal band located in Toronto. Fans of groups like Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pantera and Children Of Bodom might be interested in learning about and listening to this likewise influenced group. This review is a little atypical from the ones I’ve done so far because it’s less of an album set up for the sake of this experimental review.

The first song by the group that I decided to listen to was My Revenge. This particular track started off with a lot of crashing energy that really hooked me right from the beginning.The vocals were an easy blend between the more more melodic voice and the harsher screaming vocals, balancing the two against each and the energetically loud backing music. I switched from My Revenge to Out of Time, which was a good deal faster paced. Out of Time had a slightly harsher feel to it over all, easily standing on it’s own in comparison to My Revenge. Suffocation was the third on my list of music, and it dropped to a slower pace with a more rhythm led basis. So far, the three songs I’ve listened to have left me excited to hear the next, because each of them have maintained their own personality in relation to the others.

The Demons You Unleashed became the fourth song on my playlist, and it roared to life with the screech of a guitar. To me it seemed heavier than Suffocation right off the bat, and the balance between the two vocal styles continued to make itself known. Descendancy was the shortest song I came across, and it started off with an eerie dissonance that really caught my ear right off the bat. It seemed to be a purely instrumental track, and refreshed me just in time for the final two songs. Condemned was fast and harsh right from the get go, once again blending a variety of softer and harsher sounds throughout the track. One More Day is the song that marked the end for me, and it was easily the longest track of them all. It was a slower tempo, drawing the listener in with the shock of how much it differed from all the other songs at first, having a softer and slower lead up overpowering the stronger aspects of the music.

All in all, the selection of songs I listened too really displayed an array of differences from each other, and the band seems to have a lot of talent. I look forward to hearing more from them in the future. The band’s music can be found through youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp, and reverbnation. They can found on facebook, twitter, instagram, and tumblr as well. Credit for the band logo for The Curse Within goes to all respected artists, and was sent to us through an email from the band.

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