“Leaving Home” by Old State review

Album art for “Leaving Home” by Old State

This week we’ve got another artist from Waybridge Records, Old State! Their first EP, Leaving Home, was released recently, so it’s going to be the focus of today’s post. Old State is an aggressive sadcore band from St. Louis, Missouri with influences such as Title Fight, Turnover, Basement, Have Mercy, Head North, and Citizen. It’s a relatively short album, so it seems a waste to keep us from the main meat of the review for too much longer.

The first track on the album, Missingno (1 in 256), starts off with a brief interlude of the voice of a GPS navigation system before breaking out into a rather melodic rhythm that exploded with energy as the raw vocals began. The middle of the song lets the backing music drop away for a period, leaving the focus on the vocals. The second and titular song on the album starts off with a strong guitar that slowly builds into the rest of the instruments, letting the energy grow at a natural pace and making it clear that the main focus of the song is on the instruments, with the vocals coming in closer to the end of the song, and flowing a little more with the music. It builds to a crescendo as the track flips over to number three. The third song on the album is called It could Be Perfect, and it starts off with energy filled guitars and drums before dropping down to a slower pace as the vocals start, grabbing the energy again shortly after the lyrics begin. It Could Be Perfect blends a variety of energies seamlessly, and easily paves the way for the fourth track on the album, Go Home, Roger. This fourth song starts off with more of a melodic guitar than it’s predecessors, and keeps the melodic presence throughout the song, mixing in hints towards the stronger sounds already established on the album. The final track, Blend, keeps a touch of the melodic influences of the previous track, but blends the style with the stronger presence established on the rest of the album. it was an excellent way to tie the album up.

All in all, Old State is definitely worth listening to! I definitely recommend taking the time to discover this new artist and telling any friends that you may think would be interested in them as well! More information on the band can be found on their facebook page. Cover art for “Leaving Home” by Old State goes to Waybridge Records and all respected artists. Image found on the album’s band camp.

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