“Listen (Deluxe)” by David Guetta, Album Review

At this point, it’s safe to say that everyone has heard of David Guetta. If you haven’t heard of him, you’ve heard of some of his smash hits. “Titanium” is just one of them. If it’s still not ringing a bell, then I highly recommend that you go and listen to him now. Or, better yet, just listen to his new album; appropriately titled Listen.

David Guetta’s style is a mix of pop meets EDM. But isn’t all pop music these days a mix of some EDM? All of the 18 tracks on the Listen Deluxe album had vocalists featured. Including but not limited to: Sam Martin, Emeli Sande, John Legend, Skylar Grey, and bands like The Script and Nico & Vinz. Of course featuring artists on EDM songs is a cliché, and an easy way to get more radio play – but it’s a trick that works well, and hardly ever backfires.

Cover art for "Listen" by David Guetta goes to their record label and respected artists. Image found on nextsound.djEach song is roughly three to four minutes long, which is nice, because it never feels too monotonous at any given time. You’re on your feet ready for the next song at any moment.

In fact, this album kept me on my feet the whole time. Electronic Dance Music has the word “dance” in it for a reason; it’s supposed to get you up on your feet and dancing. Whether it’s a slow shift in your feet or you’re bouncing half a foot off the ground to the beat – EDM is supposed to keep you moving. And this album… it doesn’t disappoint.

I admit to having my favorites. “No Money no Love (feat. Elliphant & Ms. Dynamite)” is one that I loved especially and replayed a few times – the reggae influences and the amazing beat were absolutely perfect. Softer songs like the title track “Listen (feat. John Legend)” were absolutely beautiful, combining great lyrics and perfect melody with absolutely stunning voices to top it all off. Even songs featuring artists that I’m not too fond of – “Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj and Afrojack)” were very enjoyable and I found myself lost in the music the whole time. I think that my overall favorite might have to be “Rise (feat. Skylar Grey)” though.

In reality, with an album like this one, it’s hard to pick favorites. 10/10 on my end.

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