“In Light Of” by Mishandled — New Artist and Album Review

Album art for the new EP "In Light Of"
Album art for the new EP “In Light Of”

Today, keeping with the trend of trying our best to feature new artists, I reviewed Mishandled. They’re a pop-punk/alternative emo band from Chicago, Illinois that was brought to us by Waybridge Records to review (Thanks Joshua!) Their new EP In Light Of is officially out now on Spotify and bandcamp, but in my official opinion, you should go out and buy it.

The album starts out softly, just slowly pulling you in as different instruments start to combine together to form the first song, “The Water Level.” Once the song gets into full motion, it’s easier for you to focus and pay attention. But the first thing I noticed was the vocals. The vocals fit in perfectly with the song, flowing and blending in phenomenally, enhancing every note. Not only that, but the first song sounds like there’s at least two vocalists harmonizing – which is a feat in and of itself, and something that takes a lot of skill.

The flow of the EP is so good that I had a hard time keeping track of when one song ended and the other began. And yet, even with a great flow, all of the songs were different. The lyrics were impressive, though I can only imagine that they’ll improve as the band grows and develops.

What I find really great is when bands do something different, something that sets them apart from the rest. That’s exactly what it sounds like this band did. While there are some heavy influences from the decades of bands that came before them in their genres, it’s inevitable. And there were tons of small things that they did that set them apart, gave them a very unique sound, and made the overall listening experience enjoyable.

This is a great band that one day could make it big – in fact, they’ll be huge. Remember us when you’re famous guys.

Image credit goes to http://mishandledil.bandcamp.com/
You can also connect to Mishandled on Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify.

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