Bed of Lies (feat. Skylar Grey) by Nicki Minaj Review

It’s another single day because of extenuating circumstances on my end. Today i grabbed Nicki Minaj’s new track Bed of Lies, which features Skylar Grey. I haven’t officially listened to it, but there are several Nicki Minaj songs i enjoy and I usually like whatever Skylar Grey ends up putting out into the music world. Getting right down to business though…

The song starts out with a slow, melodic piano that’s quickly complimented by Skylar’s vocals. The song picks up a little energy when a burst of electronica enters the song, but it stays slow as it leads up to Nicki’s rap vocals, mixing in a bit more beat to the song. Over all the song has a very quiet air to it, with an emotional intensity to it that fills the song. The song blends both together perfectly, and it feels much shorter than it actually is. It’s the sort of song that leaves you feeling fulfilled but craving more. Unfortunately, that more may not come until Nicki’s album drops later this year, but that just means that there’s definitely something to look forward. All in all, I really like the song. I definitely recommend you check it out and listen, because it is a gorgeous song and worth a listen.

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