Black Veil Brides – Black Veil Brides, Album Review

This week I decided to give Black Veil Brides’ new self-titled album a listen too. Now as a background, I’m not too familiar with them. Enough to know a few of their more popular songs and enough to know that they’re kind of an incredible band to listen to – if you’re into heavy guitars, a deep guttural voice for lead vocals, with dashes of screamo.

Yes, if you’re into all of that, then Black Veil Brides are definitely for you. And their latest album doesn’t really disappoint. Right from the lead song, “Heart of Fire,” you’re thrown head first into a heavy bass line – that’s perfect for headbanging if you’re medically cleared for such activities – and lyrics that you want to listen to until you’ve learned them perfectly.

Seriously, this whole album is filled with verses that just stand out and scream at you, forcing you to listen and try to interpret the meaning. It’s no wonder millions of people all over the world feel an emotional connection to this wonderful band.

Almost every song is filled with a sort of guitar solo that I can’t help but to think would be perfect for bonus points in Rock Band or Guitar Hero (because those video games are totally coming back one day, right?). The guitar and bass to each song provides a nice line for continuity and flow throughout the whole album, while the drums and vocals act as the filler details to make each song a unique piece all of its own.

The album’s tempo slows down with “Goodbye Agony” but doesn’t make that full transition to ballad. This is the song that I can see the whole crowd knowing word for word, note for note as they wave their lighters and cell phones in the air. With “World of Sacrifice” the tempo picks up again – but don’t worry, headbangers, you’ll get your suggested health breaks from headbanging with plenty of other slower yet emotion and passion filled songs on the album.

Which as much flack as this band – and their genre, really – gets for being too dark, too depressing, or too out-of-this-world for anyone over the age of forty to appreciate; there are some songs on this album that are downright inspirational. And every song managed to make me smile and rock out in my seat. Over all, this album gets a ten out of ten. Not what I normally listen to, but good all the same.

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  1. I am over forty……fuck I’m old !!!
    This album kicks ass. Some Rock music that I can appreciate. Not to mention the fact they are a bunch of good dudes that know that the fans are the reason for the success they are enjoying. All that being said…..10 out of 10 ? Slow down !!!
    Good album and bordering on really good. I think your need to possibly check your standards. 10/10 should be reserved for ultime classics. Maybe 3 or 4 ever made. Just my opinion. Thanks for the review. Enjoy your day.

  2. In all honesty, this album didn’t, in my mind, come up to the standard of their previous album, Wretched and Divine. I just couldn’t get into this album at all, still preferring their previous two albums.

  3. Great album. My daughter love them and I have to agree with her there great. We went to New Castle al the way from Amsterdam I’m 48 and really love there new cd. Can’t help it they ROCK

  4. The best songs in this Album are :
    1- Stolen omen ( heavy+many screams)
    2- heart of fire (perfect chorus+ 1 scream)
    3- faithless ( a very good chorus, expressing lyrics)

    1. for me it’s: faithless, goodbye agony, walk away & shattered God the rest are a bit too religious issues that they dealt with in their last 3 albums and i’m not a religious person in the first place, but these 4 songs are a home run.

  5. I don’t think you have to have an age to listen to this band (or any type of music in general). what is too dark or depressing? i believe people who don’t want to face their demons (we all have few) won’t find this band inspiring, but for those who do, then the lyrics invite you in for a tour inside your soul, deep down to the dark places where people don’t want to go normally then out again to the world. they “spit” the truth in your face – now deal with it! The music is phenomenal! the strong drums & guitar tunes makes you battle your demons and in the slow ballads to break free from every shackles holding you back.
    you don’t have to relate to every song, but those you do relate too, deliver big time. I’m kissing 40 and only heard of them 4 months ago and immediately they took me on a soul searching tour i didn’t believe happened to me, so strong i bought a ticket 2 weeks later to see them in London this October.
    it’s a listening worthy.

  6. I’m 42 and think they are amazing! I took my 14 year old daughter to see them in Exeter, and what a show!!!!!!!! Their songs are all amazing, and make a connection with the listener, making you look inside yourself. And as an added bonus…….THEY’RE ALL HOT!!!!!!! We are both obsessed with them! And the new cd is just as amazing as the others!

  7. i am over 40; have seen BVB 3 or 4 times now – have all their albums. Agree this album is fab; don’t agree with your rather ageist view!!

    1. Not ageist, just a fact. I see far more older adults and parents bashing the genre than older adults and parents who like it. I know that there are older adults that love this sort of music though – not only have thousands come out saying so since the band shared this, but my own mom (52) loves the album too.

      – Anna (the writer that wrote the review)

  8. I went to see them at Rocketown in Nashville, TN. I am pretty sure I was the only adult there because I WANTED to be there to support the band. They did not disappoint me or anyone else there either. Fantastic! The best part was after when all the kids were mingling and talking and meeting the other band members…they all talked to me like I wasn’t old and accepted me as part of their fan base, didn’t stare and make me feel out of place. This band is awesome and I have all of their CD’s. I will be 49 tomorrow and got their self titled CD for myself for an early b-day present. The FACT is music is AGELESS. Of course you will find many that don’t like it or don’t get it, that includes young and old. BVB have a strong good message that I fully support. How many other bands out there have a message that is full on about anti-bullying? (Knives and Pens) Telling kids that it’s okay to be different and to be their own person? To stand up and be who they are? Name me just one pop artist that is supportive of kids being themselves and who they are inside? Who else tells them that they are fine just the way they are? I was picked on and teased as a kid. I was a loner. The BVB’s gave me and all the other kids out there a voice….have told them they aren’t alone. I will support this band until I draw my last breath.

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