Undefeated by Secondhand Serenade Album Review

I was super excited when i heard that there was going to be a new Secondhand Serenade album, and I simply couldn’t wait to get the chance to listen to it, so I decided to turn it into today’s review. Undefeated happens to be released solely by the artist with no label involved, but that’s just a fun little side tidbit. Let’s get into the actual music of the album, shall we?

The first track shares the album’s name and starts of with an incredibly beautiful melody before rising suddenly and letting the vocals explode over top of it. It had an upbeat feeling to it, and it was incredibly hard to sit still through it. It certainly opened the album up perfectly for me, drawing me in and making me hope the very best from the album. There was a soft pause before the second track, featuring Veronica Ballestrini, which wasted very little time in getting to the vocals for the duet. Heart Stops was dripping with emotion mixed with a strong melody that pulled me through the song, and left me waiting for the next track, Shake It Off. This third track started off really quickly, slowing down in time for the chorus. It was an excellent way to perform the song, and really made the overall feeling of the song that much more prominent. The ending felt a bit drawn off, but it flowed well with the rest of the song. The fourth track, again featuring Veronica Ballestrini, is titled La La Love. It starts off with more of an acoustic feeling, with a strong focus on the vocals. It quickly become one of the cutest songs up to that point on the album (and pretty much the cutest song ever in my opinion).

Track five, Right Kind Of Crazy, started off with a solid beat and a sparser feeling to it as the vocals started. It amped everything up during the first chorus, and kept a good bit of that everything for the rest of the song. It’s energetic theme was the perfect compliment to the adorable song that preceded it. It set the stage for Let Me In, which was previously released on a 2011 EP, but perfectly fits with the other songs on the album. It was an excellent halfway point for the album, and a short refresher before I Don’t Wanna, the seventh track on the album. I Don’t Wanna starts off with a slightly echoing piano melody that is quickly joined by the vocals. At the start it seems like it’s going to be a sadder song, but the quickly turns the entire feeling of the song around on it’s head. By the second chorus I was unable to think of the song as anything other than utterly sweet. Track eight on the album, Fly By, has a really intense open feeling to it as it starts, everything dropping suddenly for the vocals entrance into the song. The entire song has a theme of moving on to me, though it’s hard to explain exactly why that is.

And in the final stretch of the album we have the ninth track, which starts off with a throaty strumming, but quickly builds into an upbeat song with a focus on the vocals. Overall it was a very nostalgic feeling song, and left me happily waiting to hear the final three songs on the album. Come Back To Me started off quiet, with the instruments slowly building behind the vocals before the song exploded in a mix of melody and sound, blending the faster energy of some of the earlier songs with the energy of the slower songs. Towards the end the song really came into its own, claiming a place as one of the more memorable songs on the album. So far all the songs have been my favorite on this album, and I honestly don’t think there’s a single song from secondhand Serenade that I dislike. The eleventh song on the album is price We pay, which is opened by a guitar based melody soon complimented by soft vocals. The song built to it’s crescendo, teasing all along the way. The rise and sudden fall of the music was a perfect compliment to the theme of the music. The final track on the album, again featuring Veronica Ballestrini, started off slowly, building a lead straight into the vocals. Another song with a sense of strong emotion, the mix of slow vocals with slightly louder really left an imprint of the album as it drew to it’s close. it built considerably towards the end, really leaving the entire album ringing in the silence that followed.

All in all, a great new album from Secondhand Serenade. I definitely recommend listening to it as soon as you possibly can.

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