I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons Review

Today’s review is a quick choice from a band that I deeply enjoy listening to on any given occasion. The newest single from Imagine Dragons, I Bet My Life caught my attention on Monday when I was feeling less than energetic about all the work I needed to get done before Saturday, and it was certainly the surprising pick me up i needed to get me worked up for the rest of the week even if Monday was ultimately a loss.

The song starts off a little strangely with a sound that I have trouble narrowing down to an exact description, but it easily flows into a more melodic base as the vocals begin. The lyrics ave a touch of deep emotion to them, and easily draw the listener into the short but energetic chorus. All in all, the song is fantastic and easily one of the top numbers of Imagine Dragons songs for me, though that list won’t be appearing any time soon unfortunately. I definitely recommend giving it the three minutes it’ll take to listen to it.

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