“I Won’t Let You Down” – OK Go, Music Video Review

OK Go has always had some rather amazing videos. For anyone who remembers the treadmill video which is their biggest hit so far, basically all of their videos have been to that same caliber of awesomeness and skill. I remember their video before this played with optical illusions, and this one plays heavily with aerial shots and kick ass scooters.

The actual song itself is pretty good, rather poppy and a nice thing to jam to when you’re in the car alone and don’t want to be distracted too much or when – like me – you’ve got a headache and want to listen to some music anyway. The video goes along nicely with it – the use of umbrellas and perfectly choreographed movements creating the most stunning video that I’ve seen all year. In a way it’s fitting, because one wrong-move in that perfectly choreographed video would have messed it all up. You could have said that a wrong move like that could have let everyone down.

Long story short, I absolutely love this video. And I especially love the beautiful minute and a half at the end dedicated to just showing off the view. Dayum.

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