Cortlyn’s Top Ten OneRepublic Songs

A truly auspicious week as we launch yet another new feature for Music Unlabled, and one that was promised a few weeks ago at that. The playlists make their first appearance on Music Unlabeled! This particular one focuses on my personal top ten OneRepublic songs. so, without further ado, i’ll explain my choices below.

1. Something I Need – This song just flows so easily with who I am and what I believe about the world and who we choose to spend our lives with. It’s an inherently gorgeous song that never fails to draw me in, and there’s any multitude of reasons why it is the number one song on this list.

2. I Lived – Another song that really resonates with me, which I guess is sort of obvious since it’s found a place on the list. At any rate, i lived is sort of what I want from life i suppose. I want adventure, I want to travel, and a thousand other experiences besides that. I just haven’t started getting to the point where I do that bit in reality yet.

3. Burning Bridges – This song can be seen as being a bit on the darker side for the reasons it resonates with me, but it really rings true at several different points in the song. I personally take the song as a request for help in stopping running from opening up to another person and in all honesty I can be very closed off if I don’t know you, or even if I do.

4. Life In Color – A switch around to the happier side of my interpretations of songs on this list, this song has always been an upbeat one for me that connects to the way I try to take on the world when I actually bother getting out and about. >.>

5. Secrets – This is one of my first OneRepublic songs honestly, and it still has a deep meaning for me even though that meaning is subject to changing at a moment’s notice. for the most part it’s a song that helps me get my head around whatever i need to tackle in life.

6. Good Life – This is another of the songs that make me pumped up and feel like I can grab life by the reigns and take it anywhere I desire, and I feel like my steps influenced by the song have been good ones so far.

7. Stop and Stare – This song is the one I turn to when I get a bit overwhelmed thinking about the future and all that I need to get accomplished to be where and who I want, though it sometimes sends me into a bit of a circular pattern. Regardless, it does me more help than it harms.

8. Say (All I Need) – This one has a bit of a double meaning to it for me. On the one hand it reminds me to not be so emotionally distant, while on the other it really illustrates some of my more extreme attempts at bettering myself which can be viewed as a bit transient in nature.

9. Marchin’ On – This is another song that centers around inspiration to be and do better for me. like I said about Say, I can get a bit of a transient bug when it comes to bettering myself, not that I’m in a place to give into it. My main plan or supporting myself is removing all safety nets, so this song really speaks to that part of my soul.

10. Fear – This song resonates with the part of me that knows some of my ideas about ‘getting better’ are more than a little reckless, but it’s always in a positive way strangely enough. It reminds me that it’s alright to be afraid, and that I just have to shut up and deal with it.

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