Centuries by Fall Out Boy, Music Video Review

It’s finally here! The video that it seems like we’ve been waiting centuries for! And Fall Out Boy’s videos are legendary, after the series that they released with their last album.

Yet, I’m unimpressed with this one. The references to biblical figures is to put it frank, endless, and the story is visible from the first few seconds. It was boring and I could barely pay attention. Almost everyone has heard the story of David and Goliath, and putting it in music video format doesn’t make it any more interesting.

Though it does match with the actual theme of the song quite well. They’ll go down in history, be remembered for centuries, because no one can bring them down. But the story is still… some number of years old (see what I almost did there?) and horribly overdone. I hope the next video is better… and even more so, oddly enough, I hope it’s not a series.

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