The Days by Avicii Review

As we slowly get the hang of things again, I decide to take it easy as the first dredges of winter start to take hold of me. I’m not really one for the cold weather months, even if it means fun decorating. Anyway, I deviate from the task at hand! You’ve surmised by now what today’s review is going to be about, so let’s get right to the meat of things!

The song opens with a melodic guitar strum soon accompanied by a distant electronic based percussion and the vocals. The energy built up in the first minute of the song, reaching an energizing level pretty quickly. It kept a melodic air about it, complimenting with a soft rhythm every so often throughout the song. This song is one of the few that I wanted to get up and just dance to as I listened to it, falling into a sparse effect that blended a lot of different elements together before returning to the song with a synthetic melody that kept the energy high through the last thirty seconds of the song.

It was a great song, perfect to start kicking the cold that freezes my bones out of the way and letting me get on with the things that I need to do, even if it is the winter months. I definitely recommend you give it a listen.

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