Dark Waves by Dark Waves Album Review

I picked this album at random for today’s review, mostly because I haven’t heard the name before and felt like trying something new. It also seemed like a quick review and it’s still a pretty busy and pretty draining week for me. I’m hoping this album can turn it around and let me get on top of things again. It’s only five songs long, and the first track is called Outsider.

The song starts off quietly, quickly building into a soft crescendo before dropping off into sparser musical accompaniment, leaving the focus on the vocals and a rhythmic snapping. The music in the background grows as the song continues, balancing everything out as the song carries on. It was an extremely gorgeous song and it really drew me into the album, leaving me waiting for the second song with baited breath. The second track, Echo, didn’t disappoint. It opened similarly to the first song, but shifted into it’s own right with a completely different feeling to it’s vocals. Appropriate to it’s name, there was a faint echoing effect to parts of the song, really creating a song to compliment the first song, continuing my high hopes for the album. The third song, The Heartbeat The Soul, marked the tipping point on the album, would it continue to be enjoyable or would it twist into something else? From the melodic piano opening to the sudden shift to guitar as the vocals slowly croaked their way into the song, less dominant than the previous two tracks, it had great potential. The electronic vibe that appeared during the chorus perfectly complimented everything else in the song, introducing slightly higher vocals before sliding back into the normal measure of song, albeit with slightly more dominant vocals in the middle of it. All in all, the three songs that opened the album made it so that I loved the majority of the album right off the bat, leaving me perfectly open to hear the final two tracks and judge them as compared to the so far enjoyable album.

All Away, the penultimate song on the album, featured a slightly faster opening that lead to vocals that were perfectly paced with the speed the instruments set. There was a slightly more orchestral feeling to the song, making it stand out from the more electronic inspired song that preceded it. It was intensely beautiful, and set the stage so that the final track had a lot to live up to. I Don’t Want To Be In Love, the fifth song on the album, opened with a blend of melodic piano and rhythmic clapping. It lead into the vocals, a slower song that only built in emotion, introducing electronic elements to it, creating a perfect blend of pieces of the other songs that really stood on it’s own and created the perfect end to to the entire album.

After the fact, this was a fantastic find and I am overjoyed that I found it to review. I definitely recommend that you take the twenty minutes it takes to do a full listen through to the album, because it is absolutely worth it. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more music by Dark Waves.

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