Burnin’ Up (feat. 2 Chains) by Jessie J Review

Today’s review is all about Burnin’ Up by Jessie J. The track features 2 Chainz, and yes it yet another single in a parade of singles as life continues to be a bit fast paced for me. But forget all that, on to the music!

The track starts off with a strong guitar that has a slight trace of Latin inspiration echoing in it’s tones. The vocals start off open and sparse, but the song amps up quickly and everything reflects that. The pace remains at mostly a quick rate with interludes of the opening vocals. Lyric wise it’s a bit repetitive, but it’s not a detracting repetition. 2 Chainz’s part took me a bit by surprise because I didn’t expect the song to speed up even more than it already was.It ends quite suddenly, but it really keeps it’s energy up.

All in all, I’m a bit impartial on the song. It’s fast and energetic and I definitely recommend giving it a listen and I wouldn’t switch stations if it came on the radio. On the other hand it’s a bit more repetitive than I care for, even though that’s often a theme in all music anyway, and the ending was a bit too… sudden. So while it’s not high on my list of songs, it’s definitely worth the time it takes to listen to it.

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