V by Maroon 5 Album Review

In continuation of my return, I finally find I have the energy and will power to do an album review today! And so today we get to review V, Maroon 5’s fifth studio album and one of my current jam albums. The first three tracks are a quick run, since they’ve all already been reviewed on here, or at least i’m pretty sure that they have. Maps remains an energetic and intriguing song with me, though the video explored some trains that I did not considered. Animals, if it was reviewed it was Anna’s review not mine, is a very upbeat and energetic song from the first notes, quickly turning into an intensely beat driven track with plenty of vocal range exploration in the chorus. It Was Always You is slower in comparison to the other two tracks, and slightly sadder in a sense. all three tracks captured my attention, and really set the stage for going into the rest of the album.

The fourth track on the album, Unkiss Me, kept the same slow feeling to it’s melody, and played with the sound to make it sound like there was a lot of open space without giving in to complete silence. It allowed the vocals to sound really stark against the quieter backing music. It built as the song continued, and led into the fifth song, Sugar. Sugar had a quicker more energetic vibe to it than the two tracks before it, and it had a stronger groove to it than the other songs so far. The sixth track, Leaving Califronia, returned to a slow and sparse feeling in the beginning, with the vocals pulling you in and the instruments slowly joining in the background as the song built up in speed marginally as the chorus it. It was a nice medium pace in the middle of fast and slow songs.

The seventh song, In Your Pocket, is a bit more upbeat song with a sad inflection to the lyrics. Somehow the two blend together extraordinarily well, and blend into the slower eighth song, New Love. New Love is slightly happier lyrical wise, with a lot more going on in general, in contrast to the sparse feeling inspired by some of the other songs on the album. The ninth track, Coming Back For You, opens with a soft building of instruments before the vocals cut in. The song is slow, but it builds during the chorus despite maintaining that same slow feeling throughout.

Track ten, Feelings, caught me by surprise because I wasn’t prepared for how groovily it starts out in the beginning. Once I got that under control it became one of my favorite Maroon 5 tracks. It has a fast, upbeat feeling to it and really drags you in, complimenting the fast parts with a slightly slower interlude that quickly amped back up into the speed of the rest of the song. The eleventh and final track on the album, because honestly the deluxe version is a bit daunting for the right now, is the duet with Gwen Stefani, My Heart Is Open. It opens with a piano based melody, keeping with that and creating a really open feeling throughout the song. It’s overall a slow song, but incredibly beautiful.

Now, this is an album that is definitely worth the time it takes to listen to it, and the Deluxe version honestly build on that. Three songs (Shoot Love, Sex and Candy, and Lost Stars) are added to the overall lineup, and each is a great addition to the overall album. V has easily become one of my favorite albums from Maroon 5, and overall.

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