Shake It Off by Taylor Swift Review

Today is a Taylor Swift kinda day. not for any particular reason, just because that’s what really jumped out at me when I looked at the things I could review, it really jumped out at me. Now in all honesty, I haven’t listened to this particular song before now, but there’s been plenty of Taylor Swift songs that I’ve liked, and of course some that I didn’t but that’s just how music goes.

The song starts off really off beat with some excellent high vocals from Ms. Swift, and the lyrics immediately touch on what are bound to be some sensitive subjects for her and some extremely unneeded. The song keeps it’s upbeat nature throughout it, really capturing my full attention and drawing me in. in the middle the speed drops a bit and there’s a short interlude that has a Gwen Stefani inspired feeling before amping back up into the song and holding the energy right up until the ending. It’s safe to say that Taylor Swift has hit it out of the park with this one for me, and I definitely recommend that you go and listen to it.

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