Recent Replays: Native by One Republic

Today’s review is yet another Recent Replay for me, this time focusing on Native by OneRepublic. Now, of course, this is one of my favorite groups and I always love listening to their music and will take as many chances to do so as I need to. Hence, why we’ve made it to one of my top albums. Upfront, I definitely recommend listening to it at least once. Anyway, into the meat of the album.

The first song up  is Counting Stars, which enters quietly with low noted vocals, that draw you in with a slow rhythm which turns into a quicker, more energetic tune as the song goes on. The vocals venture higher in the course, and a great balance is found though the song, really preparing you for the rest of the album. Track two on the album version I’m using for this review is the song Love Runs Out, which has a louder and heavier beat as it starts, building slowly to the vocals which start out sounding like they’re a bit in the distance, drawing nearer as the song continues on, the highest notes and fastest vocals kept to the chorus. The song keeps up a good pace through it, leaving you in a position where you’re ready for the third song, If I Lose Myself. This third song starts off at a slow pace, and only speeds up  a bit as the song goes on. it’s very melody driven and easily one of my favorite tracks on the entire album. The fourth song on this particular version is Feel Again, which falls in the middle of my ranking of the songs on this album. The start of the song is a slow build, both in vocals and music, slowly picking up until the chorus starts up, dropping off after it, but not to the same slowness as what had led into it. The build of the song brings a lot of emotion out in the song, and really defines this track for me.

The fifth track is What You Wanted, which starts with an echoing beat that lends itself to a slightly electric feeling melody, minimalist against the vocals that noticeably stand out. The instruments take the lead, drowning out the vocals slightly,during the chorus, and this pattern continues. It nicely precedes I Lived, which starts off slowly but it still all together more than What You Wanted. There’s the promise of energy in the beginning of this song, which is a promise that the song keeps as it builds it’s way to the chorus, easily making the top end of my personal list for this album. The seventh song on  the album is Light It Up, which is starkly different from the track it follows. It’s a bit more techno sounding in my opinion, and keeps itself relatively simple through it’s entirety. It flows nicely into the eighth track, Can’t Stop, which maintains the same overall feel as light it up for me, but with a higher pitch to the vocals and a less techno sounding sound.

The ninth track opens with a piano and violin based melody, flowing into slow and low vocals that build a bit into the song, reaching slightly higher notes and adding an echoing effect to them. All in all it’s a very relaxing song to listen to. It flows easily into Burning Bridges, which is another of my favorites off of the album. This tenth song, opens with a melody quickly overpowered by the beat of the drums and the vocals, creating an energy that’s hard to miss. This song always has an energy to it for me, drawing me in and letting me just clear my mind. It’s quickly followed by my absolute favorite song on the album, Something I Need. Something I Need starts out with stark vocals that are quickly accented by a soft melody that builds as the song continues to play. The energy and the attitude of the song both really appeal to me, and I always catch myself singing along as the song continues to play. For all of it’s energy though, it ends on a quiet but fitting note. Track Twelve is slower at the start even though it has a lot going on with its instruments, and it’s also lower on my personal favorites list. Preacher is a great song, that carries itself well throughout its entirety, but it never catches me in the same way that Something I Need does.

The second to last track on the album, builds it’s melody quickly, introducing to distant and echoing vocals when the volume of the instruments is loud enough to hold the attention over the vocals. IT’s a nice calm interlude before the final song, Life in Color. As soon as Life in Color starts playing you can tell that there’s a lot of energy coming, and that’s one of the reasons that it makes my list of favorite songs. It wraps the album up on a note that leaves me pumped and ready to go no matter what happens.

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