“Rude” the Zedd Remix, Review

“Rude” has been one of the many top 40 hits of the summer that have been overplayed to the point of hating them. “Rude” by Magic! was one of the many songs that I loved at first. Needless to say, two months of having it on every station practically 24/7 killed any fondness that I had for the reggae influenced track.

However, I love most of Zedd’s work, so I decided to give this remix a listen to. There was much anticipation about it, him promoting it weeks in advance to release on his birthday – a birthday gift to the rest of the world.

I don’t have a lot of hope for most remixes, the original is always going to be the better version.

But wow!

This remix is amazing. The sound is totally changed, get that base element and melody is there. Just amplified. This song went from being a catchy in the car sing-a-long to a loud dance track that you lose yourself in, physically and vocally. Most remixes are in danger of becoming very repetitive, or totally maiming the original track in the process of revamping. But this doesn’t get repetitive at all, and the base line is kept in tact. The new melody falls along with the original song, and creates similar – dare I say, even better? – emotion to the song, amplifying the story line.

Far as remixes go, I think this is my favorite. And it’s reignited my love for the song, which is always a huge bonus.

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