Animals – Maroon 5 Song Review

This new release from Maroon 5 has all of the same flavor that you would expect a Maroon 5 song to have. It’s catchy, upbeat, with somewhat clever and mildly suggestive lyrics. And it’s actually very good, but yet again, not one of my favorites – though I like it better than maps. 

The song isn’t too much different from the other, more recent songs I’ve heard from this band. This is a song that will undoubtedly get popular on the top 40s charts, but it won’t stay there for weeks on end. And it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that I’m not overly impressed by it. The different sounds sort of blend together and there’s no definite thing that can keep you interested. 

But these are just musings from a girl who’s first and favorite album was “Songs About Jane.” 

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