“Guts Over Fear” — Eminem ft Sia review

The legend is back with a new song featuring Sia. I will admit, I’ve never heard Sia. But I’m a huge fan of Eminem. Hearing this song in a trailer a few days ago, I knew that it would be fantastic. And I wasn’t disappointed.

It’s got a fantastic beat and rhythm to it, the words coming out at an easy yet fast matching pace. The lyrics are absolutely fantastic, emotional and hitting right to the heart. The song isn’t heavy duty jam out in the back of your car. It’s that more subtle sort of catchy, the one that makes it easy for you to follow along. Though it’s not exactly different for Eminem’s style, it is a significant difference from his most recent hits from his last album (“Monster,” “Rap God,” “Bezerk”) as well as some of his more memorable classic hits (“My Name Is,” “The Real Slim Shady,” “Survival,”). This song has a more inspirational feel to it, and Sia’s vocals in the hook really set it in stone.

This makes me wonder what other new tracks he has awaiting us on the compilation album he’s planning to release.


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