“Push The Button” by Amy Lee – NEW RELEASE

Evanescence was a very popular band in the early 2000s, and probably every teenager and college kid will remember rocking out to the strong female voice and hardcore rock n roll melody that made the band so unique. Guys and girls both were swooning over Amy Lee’s exceptional talent and voice that hit you at your very core. Now, in 2014, she’s back with her first ever solo song.

The song “Push the Button” is majorly different from her past works with Evanescence though. Strong traces of EDM are spread out all through the song, including but not limited to a very heavy drumbeat that inspires you to start moving in your seat. Amy Lee’s vocals are present throughout the whole song, but not the constant focus. Instead, her vocals blend perfectly with the melody that you can barely tell they’re two separate things.

The lyrics aren’t the main thing to focus on, and that’s obvious. The main thing that this song wants you to focus on is the feeling. You get that feeling that you’re in that pause before flying over the edge of whatever line you’ve been toeing; a feeling of pure bliss where the impact hasn’t hit you yet.

Amy Lee teamed up with cellist and composer Dave Eggar for this track, as well as the score to the upcoming movie War Story, and all of the songs can be heard on the movie’s soundtrack Aftermath. I haven’t really ever heard of Dave Eggar, but this makes me anxious to hear the rest of what they’ve worked on together – so I guess I’ll just have to go out and give that a listen when I have the chance.

But really, I would listen to nails on a chalkboard if it was accompanied by Amy Lee’s voice.

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