Rebound by Flosstradamus Review

Today’s post is both a little last minute and a bit of an adventure. I’ve honestly never heard of Flosstradamus before, but i found their single while trawling the New Releases section on Spotify. Rebound starts off with a high pitched music box arrangement, flowing into the deeper and quieter notes that both the music and vocals keep at first. The song was really slow to me, but the chorus caught my attention by having the instruments speed up about a half step and the vocals raise to higher notes in an almost airy sounding effect. It was a very calming song to me for some reason, and it certainly peaked my interest as to what else the artist has out at the moment. 

All in all, I picked this single on a whim, and despite getting off to a slow start I’m more than willing to see what else they have to offer that may actually full on wow me. Rebound is a nice and calming song, but it still wasn’t quite wowing me despite that fact. 

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