Jesse McCartney “In Technicolor”



Who doesn’t remember the teenage heart throb Jesse McCartney? Though not as memorable as say, 90s heart throb Justin Timberlake, he still left a heavy impression on all of the tweenagers of the ‘00s. So hearing that he has a new album out is both a trip down a more embarrassing part of memory lane for people like me, and a small thrill. Depending on if he’s still any good or not.

The album starts out with a softer song, a small introduction you could say, with absolutely wonderful vocals and a great beat to follow. It’s an easy reminder on why so many people loved him when he worked with Disney Channel and the likes. Though the introduction song doesn’t do too much to draw in attention, for the attentive or nostalgic feeling soul, it does just enough.

The first thing that I notice about “Back Together” is that while it’s got a great song and flow… it gets repetitive, and feels a little bland right off the bat. I’m sure it’s something that a younger audience will love, though. With all the different more progressive songs out there, I sort of doubt that it will be reaching the Top 40 Charts any time soon. It’s followed by “Young Love” and his single “Superbad” which in my opinion are great songs in their own right just… again, a bit too bland. Your attention isn’t engaged, and it gets repetitive.

In the end, to me, most of the songs don’t have too much depth beyond “That girl is rad and mine.” And on one hand, what more do you expect from a former teen heartthrob? On the other hand, I remember one of my favorite songs of his from my childhood was about a friend of his drunk dying via drunk driving because it was just so heart filled and made you think. This isn’t like that. And I think a large part of me expected more of those sorts of songs – deep songs that made you think – because he is older and more experienced. But I digress.

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