Back to the Shack by Weezer review

I’ll admit, I don’t listen to a lot of Weezer but today I decided to do their new single, Back to the Shack. The track starts out with a strong and loud guitar, interrupted at intervals by loud drums before finally sliding into the vocals and… dropping down a bit in my opinion. The vocals were the focus but there seemed to be a hard clash between how the song was opened and how the vocals started. It worked for the most part, considering the instruments slowed to match the voice, making the opening stand out as slightly odd, but it certainly had an attention grabbing quality to it. 

The song stayed at a steady pace, speeding up a bit during the chorus but mostly growing louder during those moments of chorus. There were moments where the instruments took the lead in the song, taking on a slightly screeching quality at moments. Ultimately the song powered off in a loud but gentle manner. 

all in all, I still find Weezer odd, but this was a rather enjoyable song. I recommend giving it a listen, but it’s far from making my list of favorites.

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