Green day – Awesome as F**k

I rented the concert DVD Awesome as F**k from my library earlier this week. Why? Because I fucking love Green Day, that’s why. I hadn’t ever seen it before, though.

The camera work takes some adjusting to. In its attempt to capture absolutely everything, it skips around and changes focus a lot. However, this style sort of fits into the… chaotic, high energy, aggressive, and breathtaking energy that accompanies a concert of such an intense band like Green Day.

This concert DVD ties in some backstage elements, and puts a lot of focus on the audience. The songs played are mostly from their most recent album at the time, 21st Century Breakdown, but a few songs from previous records make an appearance too – as well as classic songs like “Burnout” and “Geek Stink Breath.”The band’s stage presence is, as always, overwhelmingly charismatic. The band has no problem keeping the crowd engaged and involved, pulling up fans from the main floor audience up on stage several times.

And of course, the preformed songs don’t match up entirely with their recorded versions – things are changed such as melody, vocals, words, and pauses. This has always been my favorite part of a concert, seeing how they perform a song instead of just listening to a recording. For people that aren’t used to that though, it could take some getting used to. And it’s still obvious that this is the same band that made the music that generations of teenagers found a voice and a retrieve in.

This is a great DVD, but not one of my favorite concert DVDs – simply because I’ve seen better, that make you feel like you’re really there. However, it’s a fantastic DVD all the same. The band is lively, energetic, and you can lose yourself in it to an extent. And it makes you want, more than anything, to see Green Day live and in person. Which is the end goal of any great concert DVD.

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