Recent Replays Week: Dos! by Green Day

Starting off the second day of this three day endeavor is the album Dos! which begins with See You Tonight. See You Tonight starts off with a melodic guitar and very light vocal presence, occasionally drowned out by the guitars at first. The effect is very nice, and it’s a nice calm song to start the album with. However it very suddenly transforms into the harsh beats of F**k Time, but despite the sudden change it’s a great way to transition the two songs because F**k Time captures all of your attention and draws you deeper into the album. Everything about the song is louder than the first song, and it’s actually on of my favorite songs off the album.

The third song on the album is Stop When The red Lights Flash. This track starts with a fast guitar that slowly gives way to rapid drumming until both noisily combine in the background of more melodic seeming vocals that give way to fast rhythm driven lyrics at points during the song. It’s a very energetic song to listen to. Lazy bones is the fourth track on the album and it starts out with a focus on drums and a more melody based, quiet guitar. The vocals are the focus in this track and they carry the song to the point where the instruments explode in noise during the chorus and claim a stronger presence for the remainder of the song. 

Track five is entitled Wild One and it starts out with a strong guitar presence and carries hints of a melody that pass over into the vocals. It’s a slower song than the previous few tracks and a nice reprieve after a few very energetic tracks. Makeout Party follows quickly, and makes a return to loud rhythm driven songs on the album, causing a drastic difference between it and the track before it. It’s a great return to the energetic songs on the album.

Stray Heart returns to the slow melody at first, before turning into a song that’s still melodic, but far more energetic during the chorus. It’s a fun song, but it’s hard to sit still to it so I ended up getting distracted. I pulled it together for the eighth track on the album, Ashley, which starts out loud with the vocals and instruments exploding the first second into the song. It slow does a bit in the first verse but it maintains that loud and noisy aesthetic throughout the song. 

Baby Eyes is track nine on the album and it maintains that loud opening, albeit with slightly more of a warning that Ashley possessed. It possesses a loud but melodic quality to it, with the guitar and drums often competing to share the focus with the vocals. Directly after it was the track Lady Cobra, which opened with a soft feminine laugh that lead into a mixture of loud guitar and drums that were easily cut through by vocals that possessed a higher and slightly screechier tone to them. It was a great song and it’s easily my favorite off the entire album. 

Nightlife slowed things down, with a bit more electric reverb on the vocals and slower beat made by the guitar and drums mixing together. The female on vocals kept her pieces softer and huskier, devoid of the electric affect that marked Armstrong’s vocals in this song. Nightlife is definitely my second favorite song off the album. Track twelve is titled Wow! That’s Loud and it starts off with a short melodic guitar scale before delivering on what it’s title promised. The guitar, drums, and vocals all bring the sound level of the song up, barring calmer interludes where the scales are repeated, but even those began to pick up in noise levels. The final track on the album is Amy and it starts off slow and melodic, with softer vocals, guitar, and drums through out the song. it’s a nice song to leave the album with. 

All in all, Dos! is higher on my list of faves than Uno! is. it has a few songs i consider my favorites, and it’s fantastic to listen to. 



Dos! is a great album. It’s definitely not my favorite from the trilogy though. But oddly enough, my overall favorite songs are on here? It’s complex.

The album draws you in with a slow, acoustic song called “See You Tonight” that is nice, but a bit… it doesn’t draw you in right away. I do like it though. After that it dives into harsher, quicker tempo songs with a bit more edge to them. What separates this album from Uno! is that the songs are almost simpler in sound, more relaxing – even though the content of most of the songs are thought provoking and still have that edge to it that makes it perfect for dancing to if you feel the need.

It’s an easy listen, something to lose your thoughts in for a while without figuring or following along to a deeper meaning. It’s more personal in a way, as the meaning in the songs is completely what you make of it without being too far out there for you to possibly relate it to yourself. And the style and tone of it makes it even easier for you to sit and connect the songs to your own personal life and experiences, because it’s such an easy listen.

You’re not jumping out of your seat dancing around, but you’re not bored out of your mind sitting completely still either, is what I’m trying to say.

Songs like “Wild One” make you think about what the song could mean, and then songs like “Stray Heart” (which is one of my many favorites) just instantly make you connect it to your own personal experiences. And there’s a line between those two categories that each song balances on until you listen to it and decide for yourself.

But the best part, as I’ve found with this album, is that the songs change over time. They’re meant to change over time, and I think those are my favorite type of songs because as great as the songs where you can tell the story and find comfort in it are, the songs where you can reflect on the changes of the meaning are better.

My absolute favorite song off of this album (aside from the interesting feature from a female voice named Lady Cobra in “Nightlife”) is the last song, “Amy.” And this is my favorite because it both has a story to tell, and can be extremely relatable at the same time. It’s the whole package, I think, and sets the tone for the next album quite well.  

– Anna

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