Avril Lavigne by Avril Lavigne Review

Today I decided to do a recent replay of Avril Lavigne’s self titled album that released in November of 2013. I listen to the album quite often so I can easily say I recommend it. The question we have here today is not “Is it good?” but instead “why is it good?” It’s got several standout songs on it in my opinion, but it’ll take a bit to get to them if we don’t go ahead and get started. 

The first track is Rock N’ Roll, which is a great dance or party track. It’s got a really strong beat to it, mixing the drums and bass in the background and drawing attention to Avril’s vocals and mixing in a echoing distant vocals for parts of the lyrics. Rock N’Roll is a great track to listen to to get pumped up to do just about anything. It’s complimented perfectly by the second track, Here’s To Never Growing Up. Here’s To Never Growing Up has a slightly softer sound to it than Rock N’ Roll, allowing for more emotion and a feeling that’s oddly similar to nostalgia. The second track blends the drums in with a melodic guitar, allowing for a wonderful combination in my opinion. 

The third track on the album, 17, is a sort of bittersweet ballad in my opinion. The song is a different tempo, the instruments giving it an upbeat feel while Avril’s vocals gave the feel of a slow song. They blended together for a short and fast chorus. All in all, 17 is a blend of many things that create a wonderfully relaxing song to listen to. Bitchin’ Summer is the fourth song on the album, and it starts off rather slow with a sort of island music feel to the entire song. It never gets super fast, but the chorus gets louder the the almost chant like bridge and verses. It’s a great summertime song in my mind, but far from my favorite song on the album. 

The fifth track, featuring her husband Chad Kroeger, is Let Me Go. It’s a rather sad but beautiful song, and the couple make their various parts in the song work together wonderfully. Piano heavy with hints of violins, it quickly became one of my favorite songs on the album. The sixth song, Give You What You Like, is a sort of sexy song in essence, but it’s got undertones that just give a certain life to it beyond that. It’s slower, and Avril’s voice is a bit husky in it, but it’s a wonderful song that sends chills down my spine. 

Seventh on the album is Bad Girl, featuring Marilyn Manson. Now I like the song, but it’s not always the easiest for me to listen to because I seem to have an inexplicable fear of Marilyn Manson. I like it all the same though. It’s fast and hard and it always leaves me with my head spinning. It’s easily close to being a favorite, if I could just kick my unfounded fear. right after it though, is a song that’ll give you whiplash. Hello Kitty is such a sudden change that I had to go go back and listen again. It’s not on my list of favorites, but it is very fun to listen to once you get used to what expect. 

The ninth song is You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, and it’s a return to normalcy after the wild ride that was Hello Kitty. It’s a very cute and sweet song, with the guitar and drum mixing together in the background while the vocals took the lead in the song. It flows easily into Sippin’ on Sunshine, which is slightly faster and more upbeat. It leaves you going into the last three songs on the album with a dance in your step, only for you to get shocked because the last three songs are all rather slow. 

Hello Heartache is loud at the beginning, but drops into the slow song pattern that marks the last three songs on the album. This eleventh song still has a bit of the speed from Sippin’ On Sunshine, but beyond that it starts dropping off. Falling Fast is a happier song that Hello Heartache and is extremely melodic and lets Avril explore her higher notes a bit, but it’s also slowing down more. It’s setting the stage for Hush Hush, which is a quieter and melodic song, beautiful in it’s simplicity, but complex in it at the same time. It build a bit in the chorus, but in general it’s a slower song.

All in all, this album has a lot to offer and I highly recommend it. Obviously, I look for excuses just to listen to it so it’s clearly high on my list on my favorites.

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