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Not too long ago, Ed Sheeran’s new album dropped. So I decided to review the Deluxe Edition of it on Spotify. I haven’t heard too much of Ed Sheeran except for what plays on the radio, and so far all of his major singles have been so varied in sound and tone that I could never pinpoint what genre he fitted into. So I was coming into this with literally no expectations.

The first song on the album, “One,” doesn’t disappoint, at all. It’s a nice sweet melody that intrigues you and draws you in. Though it’s easy to lose focus and have the song fade into the background if you’re trying to multitask.

After “One,” the album picks up the tempo – which eventually has you grooving in your seat to the smash hit “Sing.” One thing that I absolutely loved about this album is that each song tells its own story and allows you to totally lose yourself in the song. And the nice flow that the album has keeps you totally entranced.

As usual with me, the lyrics and vocals are what I usually lose myself in. The lyrics are clever, telling their own story that flows into the album as a whole piece. And the vocals only further the story, demonstrating incredible talent on Ed Sheeran’s part as not only a songwriter but as a singer too. I was amazed at every song how it sounded almost nothing like the song before it but still flowed so perfectly.

The way that the songs tell stories reminds me a lot of how The Script’s songs tell stories, hence their name. The difference and the thing that really caught me is that with The Script’s music, the lyrics usually stand on their own as a story and the music is just the soundtrack. Meanwhile, with Ed Sheeran’s X album, the music is just as an important part to the story as the actual words are.

The album keeps my attention all through it, and the flow remains constant. The last song, “Afire Love” is a very emotional and moving song and a great stopping point for album. It leaves you with the impression that you’ve listened to something great, as every great album should. But not only that, it leaves you wanting more. And I definitely, definitely wanted more. Overall I’m very, very impressed and I think I’ve found a new favorite album.

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