Headphones (feat. Lolo) – Matt Nathanson

Yesterday a new single by Matt Nathanson dropped, and I couldn’t have been more excited. I usually really enjoy the songs he puts out so that sort of explains how psyched up i got the instant I heard about it, doesn’t it? I gave it some time before I listened to it, to have some distance in order to review. It was still wonderful despite that distance though.

Headphones, featuring Lolo, has the melodic vocals that Matt Nathanson seems to be quite fond of. The backing instruments were kept simple, leaving the focus on the lyrics and vocals of the songs. All in all, it quickly took a place as one of my go to songs when I’m craving to hear some Matt Nathanson. No it’s not my favorite, but you can’t expect every good song to instantly replace the current victor, can you?

In short, Headphones is a great song that I absolutely enjoy and I highly encourage you to go and listen if you haven’t already. 

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