“Angel in Blue Jeans” – Train

“Angel in Blue Jeans” is the first song from Train since their smash hit album California 37. Train is a band that I litereally grew up with, and since their return with Save Me, San Francisco, I’ve been excitedly following them and every song that they’ve made in the meantime. 

However, for the first time since their return, “Angel in Blue Jeans” disappointed me. It’s a nice sweet melody, a great overall sound… but it’s lacking the usual Train flare, and fails to grab my attention when it comes onto the radio.

The most noticeable thing that sort of put me off of this new song was the fact that the lead singer, Pat’s, voice just blends almost too noticeably in with the music to the point where there’s nothing guiding the song. 

It’s still a very lovely song, but fails to excite me for the upcoming album. 

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