“Ultraviolet” – Owl City

Today, Owl City released their new EP entitled Ultraviolet. now, it’s been a rather long time since I listened to anything by them, but I tend to like their songs at least a little when i do, so there’s this strange balance of bias and non bias going on. It’s an EP, so there’s only four songs total for me to review today, so this will be a shorter post than other album reviews I’ve done. Let’s get to it then, starting with the first track, Beautiful Times.

The first track had a sort of mystical sounding opening. The lyrics were quite beautiful in my opinion, and they flowed with the music quite wonderfully. It was an easy enough to listen to the song, and I was a bit sad when it ended, but that meant that I could go into the second track, Up All Night. It had a slightly more upbeat opening, but as the lyrics started it was clear the vocals were going to rule this song. Up All Night easily became my favorite track on the album, even though I was only halfway through at this point. 

The third track was entitled This Isn’t The End. It opened with the vocals and a quieter musical backing. Compared to the other two songs heard so far, it started off with significantly less electronic influence. It worked it’s way into the chorus though, and all together it was a gorgeous song, if a bit heavy in content. It’s subjects are handled beautifully, but it can be a bit shocking if you weren’t expecting it. The final song on the album is Wolf bite, and it was a return to a stronger electronica influence. The echo affect for the vocals complimented the more upbeat musical backing. The speed of the music varied throughout the song, giving the mind a rest from the more rapid parts of the song. It quickly overtook Up All Night as my favorite song off the EP, showing that I may judge too quickly.

In all honesty, I loved all four songs on the EP. They all had their ups and downs, but in the end this will certainly merit several revisits as I’m trolling through for music to listen to. 

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