“Action Cat” – Gerard Way

This week I reviewed “Action Cat” by Gerard Way. It’s the latest song from the former My Chemical Romance lead singer, and his first song since their break up.

I wasn’t a huge fan of MCR before they broke up, but I did have an appreciation for their music and a few select favorite songs that to this day I listen to on repeat when I need to. So I was very excited when this song made its way onto my alternative rock station. It’s got a very unique sound, and you don’t associate it right away with the former lead singer of MCR – it wasn’t until I looked it up that I realized who was singing it, actually. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though.

This song doesn’t catch your attention right away. There’s no breathtaking solo or lyric to draw your attention – at first, and only at first. Way’s vocals in this are very pleasing to the ears and merge well with the melody and tone of the song. The beat is enough for one to jam to. It’s very subtle, the way it draws you in, but it definitely manages to draw you in and keep you there. Within two listen throughs, I was hooked and singing along.

It’s simple. It’s unique. And it’s got me very excited for Gerard Way’s upcoming album. I just hope that former MCR fans are open to whatever the new album has in store for them. 

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