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So in case you’ve forgotten, I actually know minimum of all music that is often considered known by all. I’ve had neighbors make jokes at me that I later had to research to understand because at eight I had no concept of who the Beatles were. That’s beside the point more or less. The point is I thought it’d be interesting to do reviews for the music everyone already knows for those that don’t from the perspective of one that doesn’t. And i figured, with the help of a random generator, that I might as well start with News of the World by Queen. Now I can only name three Queen songs max so forgive me, I do have a base idea of who they are, but beyond that this is going to be an interesting trip. I used the regular listing of the album on Spotify for this review, as opposed to the other option available to me so I’ll be sure to label each song on this run, which is very much a test flight for me and for you.

The first song that I got to listen to was one that I actually know, along with the main majority of the music world. We Will Rock You actually made me turn my volume down a bit because I was using headphones for a change so it was twice as loud to me. I like the way it’s a simple beat and vocals until towards the end, where the vocals were replaced by a quick guitar solo, all with that famous beat in the background. The second song on the album was We are the Champions, which I’m also vaguely aware. It looks like that’s the last song I know though, so after this I don’t know what’s going to happen. It was definitely a change from the first track, noticeably softer with a heavier melody than We Will Rock You. It’s a very sweet and uplifting song in general. And with that we move into the third track, and an unknown world. 

Sheer Heart Attack was another quick change. it was decidedly more upbeat than We Are The Champions, with a lot more going on in it instrumentally and vocally than We Will Rock You. The strong guitar and the vocals were blended together in a balance through out the song. However there was a shrieking scratching noise towards the hand that made me glad i had turned down the music earlier on, and the ending was so sudden that I felt dropped into All Dead, All Dead, which is the fourth track on the album. All Dead, All Dead was way more melodic and significantly slower than the preceding track, with a stronger focus on the piano as it started. However as it continued on into the song a bit more dimension was added, mostly during the chorus. The drum in this song was very interesting and complimented the music perfectly as it continued to build. It stayed a slow song but there was a dimension added that’s hard to capture with words. 

The fifth track on the album was Spread Your Wings, and it was another piano led opening, but with a stronger vocal presence in the song. The instruments on this song complemented the energy and power of the singer’s voice throughout the duration, never overpowering, only complimenting and ruling during the breaks in between the lyrics. Honestly, I really enjoyed this track as a whole. It’s definitely a contender for being one of the songs that I’ll seek out after this review. Fight From The Inside was the sixth track on the album, and it was a lower track, with stronger guitar presence, with the vocals being portrayed as if they were coming from a distance away, at least to my ears. It was an interesting approach and it really worked for this particular song. I liked the echo that affected the vocals at certain points in the chorus especially, it certainly jumped out at me at any rate. 

The seventh song on the album is Get Down, Make Love, and it had a slightly funkier feel to it. all of the instruments worked towards the beat in the beginning of the song, coming together in a loud harmony for a moment before drifting back into the strong beat, repeating the trick slightly before a very odd interlude that included a lot of UFO noises before ending in the strong beat like arrangement that the song had opened with. Personally, the ufo noises pushed it over the top for me, but it was still a very enjoyable song. The eighth track was Sleeping on the Sidewalk and it was a stronger guitar opening, that began to follow along the melody that was set lyrics, blending together into a slower song, with more note variation. The ninth song is entitled Who Needs you and it was a stronger melody with higher vocals and a sort of tropical feel to the entire song. It was strangely peaceful to listen to. 

The tenth song on the album, and also the longest, was It’s Late. This track eased into a strong guitar and strong vocals lead up to the song, and launched into a loud crescendo with multiple harmonies within the first two minutes, before easing off back into the strong guitar and vocals as the lyrics continued to paint the story they were wove about it, using the crescendo again before the harmonies wove their way into parts of the song that weren’t crescendos. The instruments ruled in the middle of the song, overpowering the vocals. it dropped back down to let the vocals carry the song to the song through the final crescendo of harmonies before the instruments finished the song off. The eleventh track, and final track for me despite a remix of We Will rock You being offered, is My Melancholy Blues. The last track featured strong vocals and a melodic piano that eventually blended together that reminded me vaguely of something Frank Sinatra might have sung. It was a nice and rather calming way for me to be able to wrap up the album, and this review. 

All in all this album was a trip to listen to, with a variety of songs that constantly surprised me on this first listen through. I don’t know that I’ve formed any opinions off of it other than an interesting experience though. I definitely advise giving Queen a shot if you haven’t and want to because I’m positive that you’ll be able to find something you like within their discography. There will be other Queen albums in this section so stay tuned if you enjoyed it. 

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