“The Hunting Party” – Linkin Park


Quite recently, Linkin Park released The Hunting Party. I’m not an avid fan of Linkin Park, but I’m not opposed or a stranger to most of their hits and everything either. So I’m coming into this album with an unbiased view, you could say.

The first song, while very good, is really hard to get lost in. It’s a little bit too much going on. But maybe later on in the album it would have been a nice fit. It does have a nice flow into the next song, but the next song has that same heaviness, but with a different melody. The next song does a lot more to impress, with great lyrics to match. It also had a very cool guitar piece in the middle-end part.

 “The War” is a very interesting song, with an interesting opening. It’s fast paced, too fast paced to really stand out. I could easily see it being the perfect song for when you’re angry and just want to scream your voice out. But again, the fast pace numbed your ears and got repetitive. No, what really made The War interesting was when you let this song flow right into the next song – there’s an ongoing theme. “Wastelands” did a lot more to release energy and get you feeling great than “The War,” but at the same time that wouldn’t necessarily be there if I hadn’t listened to “The War” first. But these are just the two songs that perfectly exemplified the style of the album.

“Until It’s Gone” was a nice ballad, with enough changes in pace to keep you interested and enough emotion to get you connected. “Rebellion” is one that I absolutely loved off of this album, both with lyrics to die for and a heavy enough pace to make you jam and lose yourself in the music, which for most of this album I was having a very hard time doing.

“Drawbar” captured my attention right away. It provided a long but calming instrumental intro into the next song, “Final Masquarade,” which is more of your typical Linkin Park ballad. I don’t know about the “Final Masquerade” but I could listen to the “Drawbar” for hours and hours on repeat – and it definitely serves its purpose as a lovely and much needed intro into the softer side of Linkin Park.

The last song on the album, “A Line in the Sand,” is actually quite chilling. There’s not too much music or sound in the background to prevent you from really connecting or jamming out to the song, and the pace is far from repetitive. And like every last song on the album should do, it leaves you wanting more and anxious for the next album. It also leaves you with the vague impression that you’ve listened to something substantial.

Overall, The Hunting Party has a very nice flow to it – each song flows perfectly into the other one, setting the tone and mood for the next song. If you like the older, heavier Linkin Park songs, this album might be right up your alley. For me, an unbiased music lover, it definitely did not disappoint – the interesting and creative sound combined with the thought-provoking and at times beautiful lyrics  My favorite songs were “Rebellion” and “A Line in the Sand” and those are the songs I’m probably going to add into a playlist of some sort and keep replaying. The rest of the album? I’ll probably come back to it once in a while, but it’s not going on my favorites shelf any time soon. But I do admire it a great deal. 

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