The Young Blood Chronicles – Extensive Review

So over the last year or so, Fall Out Boy has been releasing a bunch of music videos to go along with their latest album Save Rock n Roll. These videos got the name of the Youngblood Chronicles, telling a story to go along with the album that’s… not really what you would have expected, and for the year that we waited for all of the videos to come out it was like a mini-eleven part soap opera for a while there – and amazingly well done, I’ve gotta say. The cinematic effects are brilliant, as is the story line that Fall Out Boy developed. This is actually one of the more creative things that I’ve seen to come out of music videos in a while. It is very confusing though, which is why I chose to do an in depth video review.


1. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark was the perfect song to release as a first single. Not only is it extremely catchy, but it’s Patrick Stump’s classic vocals set to a classic but new rock n roll beat. It captures your attention right off of bat and screams in your ear “We’re back bitches.” The video does very much the same thing. It starts with a dark, hooded figure (2 Chainz) walking around setting fire to things – vinyls, CDs, and a bunch of Rock n Roll related stuff, including some of Fall Out Boy’s albums. This is all very cool (and sort of saddening), but then the video goes a step further and opens up to a van with our four favorite rockers in the back of it, looking rather kidnapped. Okay, so what are they doing in the back of the van? That’s the first question that FOB fans had throughout this.

2. The Phoenix starts off with Fall Out Boy in the back of the van, just where we left them, and explains that the first video was mainly a teaser. It then goes onto show what happened earlier that week to lead up to them being locked in a van. Apparently the boys had found a brief case that contained some pretty important/epic stuff (judging by the fact that Patrick Stump handcuffed it to his wrist). Throughout the video, the boys get kidnapped in various ways and Patrick loses his hand – all set to rather impressively dark and suspenseful music that makes you want to dance around and scream at the top of your lungs. No complaints here, and now we know a bit more of how the boys got into the back of that cruddy van. But what’s in the damned briefcase?


Just how important was that briefcase again? 


3. Young Volcanoes is a softer song, and goes into what happened to them after they were initially kidnapped by the bad but mind-blowingly hot chicks. And reiterates that Patrick Stump has in fact, lost his hand. In the video they’re all drugged and fed… not too wonderful things that because of the drugs, they’re forced to believe is actually a feast to end all feasts. I think this is my favorite video, because it turns this sort of sad but hopeful song into a really rather depressing one – and that’s basically the theme of all these videos, is sort of giving these hopeful and inspiring songs a double meaning. Very creative. But what happened to the brief case?  And why are the special effects on Patrick’s hand so good!?


Don’t worry kids, it’s fake.

4. Alone Together takes the boys into a creepy old building for experiments, and hints that Courtney Love is the one behind their torture via the RATATAT license plate on the car that brought them there. So basically all of the boys are alone in separate rooms getting tortured, but together in the creepy building (get it?) Pete tries to play the hero and break his boys out of there while Patrick Stump gets turned into some sort of mind-controlled monster. In the process of trying to break out of the hospital, the boys get captured – but Pete being the nice guy he is went through the trouble of releasing another, random prisoner (Big Sean). The boys are shoved into the back of a van while Big Sean watches. So that’s one question answered. Many, many left unanswered.

Patrick’s mindcontrolled look. For future reference.

5. The Mighty Fall runs right into where My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark left off – with the van that Fall Out Boy is trapped in on fire. They escape the flames only to run into some intimidating looking kids and running for their life. Big Sean has his feature in it, all while saving Patrick from a very vicious looking kid that was seen in the second video – and then getting killed by the bad chicks. The video ends with them in the woods and the baddies chasing them yet again, all while Patrick Stump deals with his “condition.” This was one that I thought about a lot, but I actually think – given the song and the enemies in this particular video – that this is supposed to be a sly reference to some of FOB’s fans reactions to Patrick Stump’s short lived solo career. (if anyone remembers, there was a huge backlash from a lot of FOB fans because Patrick Stump had deterred from the natural FOB sound that they were used to, and some of them I guess felt mad that Patrick was putting more effort into his own work and what made him happy than into Fall Out Boy. In a way I guess that’s what the whole album is about)

6. Just One Yesterday starts off with a reference to the third video; a familiar looking snake creeping along with the boys in the woods. In reference to the yesterday, thinking back to previous time theme of this particular song, all of the boys are having flashbacks to the torture that they’ve experience up to this point while they try desperately to find each other before the baddies do. Their ride and savior is a delightfully looking woman with a voice to melt even the coldest hearts (Foxes). Eventually all of the boys are found, but Foxes stays true to her line and turns out to be a baddie, as the snake reveals, and takes them to a hospital, but not before putting Patrick back under the mind-control that made him want to become a murderer. NOT COOL, FOXES.

I should’ve known not to trust her when this scene came on. WHO JUST STICKS THEIR HEAD OUT THE WINDOW WHILE DRIVING?

7. Where Did The Party Go was the upbeat party song of the album – you know the kind you want to dance to at a party with your crush, that sort of thing. Or it was. In the video, Patrick is hallucinating from the mind-control and thinks that he’s at this big (albeit weird) party when in reality, he’s trying to kill his friends. All through the video we’re given more hints of the overlying plot, just by the signs with music notes with the big circle and a slash over them. By the end of the video, one of the beloved band-mates (Joe Trohman) has been killed by the lead singer and the cops are coming to arrest him, and Patrick wakes up from his mind-control induced hallucination thinking “Where did the party go?” (Sorry, I had to)

8. Death Valley is an interesting one that I still can’t make total sense of. It shows that Death Valley (the walk from the world of the living to wherever you’re going to go) as a sort of elevator that either goes up or down. Joe ends up partying downstairs with the Devil (Tommy Lee) while Patrick Stump gets arrested for murder and the other two members get questioned. The music is oddly enough to express the grief that Patrick is feeling, the pleasure and pain that Joe is feeling downstairs in hell, and the anguish that the other two band members are going through being placed in this horrible position. At the end of the video, one of the band-mates fall in love with Courtney love and Patrick Stump is back in the baddie’s possession, but somehow the rest of the boys got a hint as to where they’re taking him.

if going to hell meant that you could party with Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee and eat sugar cubes, wouldn’t you go?  

9. Rat A Tat starts out with Courtney Love’s message of destroying music and dethroning rock stars from their celebrity status. The music video makes a show of making Patrick Stump permanently evil for a protest and presentation, showing how music culture as we know it can be turned around. Pete Wentz and Andy are working on saving their beloved lead singer and get the briefcase back (YES THE BREIFCASE MAKES A RETURN!) while the anti-music movement goes on to destroy instruments. By the end of the video, Pete is running from Patrick and Andy is dead because of his doubt in killing his love Courtney Love. These boys probably looked fantastic after these music videos were done filming.

10. Miss Missing You is an emotional song to begin with, but this just is overkill. It starts out showing the sort of dystopian society that the world’s turned into since the anti-music movement’s set in, and it goes into how long that Pete’s been running from Patrick – his best friend! Long story short, after a long overview of what the world has turned into, they both end up dead and the baddies get the briefcase – again.


Pete also gets an awesome guitar-sword. Not that it does him any good.

11. Save Rock And Roll is where it gets complex, so pay attention. The secret society bent on destroying rock n roll has the briefcase, Courtney Love has all but succeeded in her mission of destroying rock in roll, and all of the band members are dead. The video then shows Patrick Stump in Death Valley, being tested on whether or not he should go to heaven or hell. He passes the test and goes up to heaven, cured of the condition that has been plaguing him the whole video series. He is reunited with his beloved band mates and they meet God (Elton John – who else!?) The video goes on to show the differences between the world down below and the message heaven wishes to send. Elton John gives them the weapons that they need and helps them send the message down to earth so that they can save rock n roll. In the next few scenes, the band goes head to head with the anti-music believers and converting some ofthem, Courtney Love changes her ways, and the briefcase has been put into the wrong hands and gives power to a demon sent to destroy rock n roll. It turns into a bloodshed from then out, and the last scene is the band going head to head (and I hope winning) against the creature trying to destroy rock n roll.


^ the fan’s reaction pretty much, and the highlight of the last music video.

SO…. What was in the briefcase? It was a metaphor for rock n roll, I guess – prevent it from falling into the wrong hands and becoming a lost art. Instruments being destroyed in so many of the music videos could represent how actual music created with instruments is dying out in favor of computers and synthesizers. A lot of it also goes into (as I hinted before) the backlash that Patrick Stump and other members of the band got in their ventures to do something different to preserve the art of rock n roll in the way that they saw fit. Though as for what actually happened? I am just as clueless as you all are. I assume that Fall Out Boy succeeded in their mission to save rock n roll, but the screen shot above… it leaves the door open for a possible sequel.

This is the way that music videos should be done. Tell a story to go along with the sound. No matter how confusing it is, I loved every moment of the Young Blood Chronicles. 

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  1. When Patrick listens to music, he is possessed by Demons. That started in The Phoenix when the hot chicks got him. That is why you see the stitches on his belly in Young Volcanoes.

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