No Mythologies To Follow by Mø Album Review

On March 10, 2014 No Mythologies To Follow, the debut album by Mø, was released. Now, once again, I go in blind to an artist, getting my first taste as I listen through the album. Specifically, I’m listening to the deluxe versions which features eight more tracks than the regular, four of which are labeled as “Night Version”.

As soon as i placed play I was met by vocals, commanding my attention, and startling me a bit. however once I adjusted to the fact the music was that constant, I began settling in to listen to Fire Rides, the first track on the album. Mø’s singing voice is incredibly sharp and clear, and her electronic overlays compliment the melodies she creates with her voice perfectly by adding a sense of discord to the music. The second track on the album, Maiden, did not have as sudden a start. It seemed to focus more on the music than her vocals, altering the way I expected this album to go. Both of the first two songs were incredibly beautiful, and captured my attention easily, so I had high hopes for how this album was going to go. 

The third track, Never Wanna Know, continued the trend of beautifully blended vocals and backing music. Despite all the songs I had heard so far featuring those two things, each song seemed to offer something new as I listened to the album. 

I loved how the album seemed to show not only a variety in the songs, but a variety in Mø’s vocal talents. all of the songs had a beat that was infectious, making me want to sway and dance along to them. I loved the lyrics, and the way they were blended into the melody and rhythm of the song. The songs were very commanding, but not overpowering, and each one seemed to experiment with several different sounds, blending them together in a way that made me craving the rest of the album greedily. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this album, and I guarantee that I’ll be listening to it more after this. With great music and a great voice, Mø is quickly becoming a part of my mental collection of music. 

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