iTunes Festival at SXSW 2014: Day 5 Master Post

iTunes Festival at SXSW 2014: Mickey Guyton

For all the country music I used to listen to, I’m actually pretty sure I’ve never heard of Mickey Guyton before to night. Her voice is nice and strong, but there were moments it seemed to overpower the backing music. She was still a talented singer though. I decided to power through despite being initially put off by the first song, to see if it was just a shaky beginning for her. 

The second song her voice and the backing music better complemented each other, but as soon as the third song reached it’s crescendo the focus returned to her voice. As lovely as her voice is, I feel like the songs she sang could have been improved with a more dramatic backing, instead of something that started to feel the same after a little while. 

She did an excellent cover of Blame it on Your Heart, but she was already starting to lose me from the first three songs. On the fifth song her voice and the music complemented each other again, and managed to stay that way through the sixth song. All in all I think there’s a lot of possibility for her in years to come, but as of right now she’s not making a lasting impression on me. 

iTunes Festival at SXSW 2014: Willie Nelson

I’ve had a bad experience with Willie Nelson in concert. I attended his performance at Bayfest 2012 I believe in Mobile, Alabama. now I’m normally at these events with my parents and some close family friends, and all of them were really psyched to see Willie nelson and had me expecting at least something. What we all got was nothing. they ended up agreeing it was better to leave early than to stick around. I’ll try to keep that event out of this one as much as possible but no promises. 

Luckily as soon it started it showed at least the faintest promise of being better than the first time I was exposed to a Willie Nelson concert. It still wasn’t one of the more engaging concerts that I’ve watched, but at least it was better than that first one, if only slightly. The man problem that was had at the first one was how inexpressive his voice was, and there were moments where memories of that came back quite viciously. 

I ended up getting too bored to continue my watch through. There were moments when i caught a glimpse of the performer I felt my parents had described to me, but mostly I was lulled to near sleep by his almost monotonous singing.

iTunes Festival at SXSW 2014: Keith Urban

Now Keith Urban is an artist that I know, listen to, and like so I’m really hoping that he’ll turn my night around because damn. Keith of course entered the stage with a lot of energy and a very expressive face and body. It was a relief after the let down of Willie Nelson. 

I was still a bit out of it after Willie’s performance, but Keith was able to hold my attention for extended periods of time. His light show was rather simple but it didn’t take away from the show at all. His songs had a good mix of fast and slow paces, switching between his many hits. 

Still, I expected a bit more from him. As is, he was a great performer, but I always had a mental image of him being much much more of a show. I drifted a lot, but always eventually brought me back in to the show after only a minute or two. Probably just music fatigue after these very packed five days. 

All in all, I’d love a second chance at doing a Keith urban concert review because I just do not feel I am in the right head space for it yet again. he seems like the sort of artist that can impress me when I actually have my wits about me. 

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