iTunes Festival at SXSW 2014: Day 2 Masterpost

iTunes Festival at SXSW 2014: Isaiah Rashad

So, the second night begins with another name I’m not familiar with. Then again, the entire second night isn’t in my strongest genre zones. No matter though. Isaiah Rashad entered the stage with a lot of interaction to the crowd. His movements were wide and energetic, and he certainly took charge on the stage.

The light show was a bit much at times, but I’ve never been a fan of near constant strobe like lighting. other than that, it was quite enjoyable, complementing the music quite well. considering that he’s still in the rising years of his career, i can only expect positive growth from here for him. 


I’ve never seen or heard of Isaiah Rashad before tonight. So far, he hasn’t given me a great impression. I’ve been sitting here watching, trying to figure out what to right about – but every song sounds somewhat the same.

Now before I get any negative responses, just listen. Even hip-hop can have variety in the beats and the rhythms, the sort of stage set up that they have set up. I’ve seen Eminem shows where the crowd was bouncing along to a song and then slowly grooving to a smoother song with a slower beat and rhythm, and I’ve seen Jay-Z and a million other rappers give the same sort of performance. I’ve seen it all, and even if hip-hop was the generic beat and rhythm where all the crowd can do is wave their arms and sing along with the few words they know, that doesn’t mean that Isaiah has to fit into that exact label. Your label shouldn’t limit your music.

In summary, Isaiah has a lot of potential. He’s got good rhymes and a good beat, and he’s got soul. What he doesn’t have is my attention. Sorry mate. Maybe he’ll be better next year when he’s had more experience.


iTunes Festival at SXSW 2014: ScHoolboy Q

So like previously stated, I didn’t know this artist off the top of my head either. Like I said, not my usual genre. Still a genre I can enjoy. Schoolboy Q certainly came to the stage with a lot of energy, using his voice to goad the crowd into being a bit more interactive than they had been so far to the performers. It worked, marginally well. 

The light and graphics show had a bit more going on than Isaiah Rashad’s set up, with no immediate use of rapid near constant lighting. He used the majority of the stage, pacing and bouncing across the stage. He gave an enjoyable concert, even before the concert was half over.

However I was left wanting something more from it. I couldn’t pinpoint quite what it was that I was searching for though, so I was willing to write it off as being a foray out of my normal genres. It didn’t take away from his talent and skill though. He had plenty of variety in his songs i just couldn’t get myself into the music.


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iTunes Festival at SXSW 2014: Kendrick Lamar

The headliner of the night, Kendrick Lamar, once again, is a name I’m not too familiar with. His show begin with a lot of energy from the crowd, but it took about half of the first song for him to actually appear on stage which was different for me. I still wasn’t instantly hooked though, and it may just be that I am highly unfamiliar with the genre. 

The lighting and stage theatrics were enjoyable though. Despite the inclusion of constant strobe like effects, it was from from intense as the ones in Isaiah Rashad’s set. The flashing was more in bursts and spread out through other lighting effect. Smoke pillars made another appearance. He interacted well with the crowd, and had good rhymes, but I found myself not drawn in to the music. Like i said, it’s not my normal genre and I’m willing to write it off on that. Reviewing something you’re not getting in to in any other way than impartiality is incredibly difficult, so it’s all the same to you I’d like to bow out on the rest of this review. 

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