Heyo folks! This week was a semi-busy week as far as the music scene is concerned (isn’t every week?) but I’m here to give you the download on what you might have missed while at your 9-5 job.

Coldplay was literally in the news every other day this week, announcing their new album “Ghost Stories” set to drop on May 19th and releasing their second single from the album (“Magic”) all in one swoop! In other gossip news concerning Coldplay? Apparently they worked with producer Paul Epworth, whose name you might recognize if you’re an Adele fan.

Going away from Brit-Rock and into the Pop Scene, Pharrell Williams continues to be more popular than ever. The only thing more popular than him is his hat, at this point. His new album “G I R L” came out Monday of this week, and as it turns out he’s partnering with the UN for this year’s International Day of Happiness! It has absolutely nothing to do with his global-hit “Happy.” It’s totally coincidence. Not.

What else was released earlier this week? Lots of stuff, but perhaps the most anticipated thing – at least for Fall Out Boy fans – was the release of their newest music video “Rat a Tat” featuring the one and only Courtney Love. In this video the fans get to find out what happens next in the Youngblood Chronicles – for all of five minutes, before they’re left to anxiously await the rest of the videos for god knows how long..

Also in music video news? The rapper Future came out with a new song and video called “Move that Dope” featuring Pharrell Williams and Pusha T. The video is very eighties, and all the collaborators love it.

Morrissey is back in the scene with a new 12-track album called “World Peace is None of Your Business”. It’s not clear on when it’s coming out yet, but current guesstimates are set on somewhere between late June and early July.

Speaking of albums, U2 has apparently delayed their new album to 2015 so that they can book producers Ryan Tedder and Paul Epworth. The album was supposed to come out last fall, and then this spring, but the closest that anyone got to a confirmation was Bono saying that he wanted the album to come out this Summer.

Moving from Albums onto tours, it was announced yesterday that Queen is reuniting with Adam Lambert for a 19-date tour across the US. The young artist has frequently guest-starred in several performances with the legendary rock band as the lead singer, but this is their first official tour together.

Who else is going on tour together? Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, and AFI – that’s who. The three bands are uniting for the Carnivores Tour this Fall, and tickets go on sale today on LiveNation and the respective bands’ sites.

Welp, that’s all folks. Catch you next week.

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